Tis the Season To Be Grateful For Your Genius Mind and Your Genius Life!

As the days speed past, I’ve decided that This is the Season To Be GRATEFUL for Your Genius Mind and Your Genius Life!  It’s official… I’ve been bitten by the Christmas bug.  Over the past few days, I’ve been attending Christmas wind-up parties, my son’s primary school christmas carols, and have started, in earnest, the planning of our family christmas celebrations.

I must admit that this really is my favourite time of year.  Beyond the seemingly fun and frivilous fluff – Christmas carols, the parties and presents, there is something more important happening.  As I sat down this morning to write, I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to consider this more deeply – well… WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?

I love some of the Christmas rituals that I’ve developed over the years.  In addition to all the “Stuff” that goes on in the festive season, I love taking some “time out” to reflect on what has happened over the past 12 months.  While doing this, I read through my journals and even my appointment diary – and reflect on the year that has passed.  How did I do (this applies to all areas of life – business, relationships, dreams, mind, body and spirit)?  For it is only when you grasp a truly strong understanding of where you are, that you can accurately plot the course to where you want to be.

Another really satisfying part of this particular process is the expression of GRATITUDE for all of the experiences in the past.  Now while this word has been thrown around so much in recent years that it may appear to be a little “weaker” in its meaning, but I really believe that the key to enhancing your life is to actually FEEL the emotion – not just to give superficial lip-service to it.  It is those EMOTIONS that create MOTION!

So while you can celebrate to your heart’s content (if that is what Christmas time means to you), I would encourage you to take some sacred time to review your successes and failures, your wins and losses, and look at how far you’ve progressed in the year gone by.  Then take a swim in a sea of Gratitude.  If you send Christmas cards or presents, infuse your messages and gifts with the Emotion of Gratitude.  And prepare to feel amazed and the effect, both on yourself and on the recipient!

From this point, you will be perfectly placed to launch into a spectacular 2013.

Until next time, I’m off to swim in some Gratitude.

And thank you for reading… I am GRATEFUL for your presence in my world!


Merry Christmas!

xxx Estelle xxx


Using Your Genius Mind to Establish Your Priorities and Commitments


Following on from our discussion yesterday about creating BIG goals, another important step is the act of Using Your Genius Mind to Establish Your Priorities and Voicing Your Commitment to achieving your goals. 

In order to complete this important step, it may help if you pause for a moment to answer the following questions.

Don’t take a lot of time thinking about your responses. Just write the first thoughts that come to mind.  But play full out!  You have to really go for it.
What is it cost of playing small and not really going for your dreams and not really playing full out in your life?


What has that cost you so far in your life?  What does it cost you spiritually?  What does it cost you emotionally?  And Financially?


What would it continue to cost you if you were to carry on playing small and not really going after your dreams?  What would it cost you over the next year?  Over the next three years?  The next five years?


Then what would it cost you ULTIMATELY in your life?
What would you miss out on?

What’s the ultimate price that you would have to pay for selling yourself short, playing small, and not going for your dreams?


What do you stand to GAIN by stepping up and making a commitment today to play FULL OUT, to follow your heart and to live your dreams?

What’s the ultimate benefit for you and your family?


When you achieve that ultimate benefit, what will that allow you to Be, Do or Have?

What’s important to you about those benefits?


How committed are you to that (How HOT is your Desire?)


So now you’re a little clearer about just how important your goals are to you, lets take a break and look within, and see how your internal conversations can guide you more accurately in the direction you want to go.

This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
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Maximising Your Genius Mind and Going BIG With Your Goals


There are big benefits of working towards big goals – amazing happiness, stretching your ability, increased passion, more energy, infectious enthusiasm, amazing achievement and actually creating the life you dream of! People who achieve great things tend to do so because they are powered by great dreams, while those who fail to achieve their fullest potential are more likely to NOT be ‘big thinkers’. You have got to think big to achieve big.

Every business should have at least one big goal, and every person within the company must know what that goal is and what it means for them as individuals as well as the business as a whole. And on the same level, each individual should be aware of at least one big goal (preferably one in each area of your life) and maintain an emotional connection to that goal.  If everyone believes in the goal, then that makes it even more powerful. The method for choosing your big goal for a business is the same as the method for choosing the big goal for an individual person. American President John F. Kennedy set the big goal of being in space in 1961. It was a dream and it had a deadline. He said, “I regard that decision as among the most important decisions that will be made during my incumbency in the office of the Presidency.” John F. Kennedy’s famous “Moon Speech” the following year was brilliant, and it made Americans fully aware that they were all chasing the same dream.

“You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”
~ Wayne Gretsky—Ice Hockey Legend ~

You have no idea what you are capable of. Can you pause now and just consider what you THINK you might be capable of. Think BIG. REALLY BIG. Then double it and you’re getting close. But in reality, you’re not even warm. WE HAVE TO PUSH BEYOND OUR LIMITS BEFORE WE FIND OUR LIMITS. Living with unused ability can be likened to having giant wings but not realizing that we have them—let alone what they can be used for. It’s only if we attempt to fly that we realize we have wings. And it’s only when we start using our wings that we realize we CAN FLY.

When you stop and think about the process of being successful in anything, you can actually see that every time you have achieved something worthy, you had to expand beyond your comfort zone.  Winning occurs OUTSIDE our comfort zone.  Now this doesn’t mean that you need to constantly stay outside of your comfort zone, but it does mean that you do need to venture out there often!  And setting big goals actually PULLS you out of your comfort zone – encouraging you to extend your comfort zone outwards, increasing your skills in multitude of different areas, and allowing you to achieve your dreams.


This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
You can order the book or Ebook online now at www.Amazon.com


One of the best sources of Fuel for Your Genius Mind is by Recognising Your Past Achievements.  How often do we pause to think about all the things that we have done WELL – oh it’s almost second nature to stop and relive negative experiences of events that might not have gone according to plan – but rarely do we stop and focus purely on the wins that we have had.  And this single activity happens to be a source of wonderfully potent fuel for building a brighter future for ourselves.  

Once you set goals for the future it’s easy to focus on them and forget what you have already achieved. You have achieved great things already! Some things you worked for and some just seemed to flow easily to you. Some things you have only thought about once, while other you may have thought about a lot. It’s important to recognize your past successes, because that will help you create more believable goals to focus on today. Thinking about your past achievements puts you in the physical state of knowing that you CAN achieve your goals. Pause now, and identify the seven biggest goals you have ever achieved.

1. ___________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________
5. ___________________________________________________
6. ___________________________________________________
7. ___________________________________________________

Was it hard to remember these huge achievements? Do you make a note of your achievements every year, month or every week? Unless we write down our achievements, it’s easy to miss our progress. It’s situations like these, that maintaining a personal journal becomes very valuable in tracking your progress, as it allows you to record how far you have come, providing you look back occasionally (notice I said OCCASIONALLY, and not CONTINUALLY)! There is a huge difference between looking back to learn from your past, and continually focusing on and re-living your past experiences. When was the last time you celebrated your achievements? Don’t miss your greatness, CELEBRATE YOUR GREATNESS! But be honest—if you perform well below your ability, recognize that it’s not really time to celebrate, and that it’s time to set yourself a bigger, stronger goal and give yourself a good talking to! Then get on with it and choose a positive attitude to face the future.

Researchers in the USA looked at millionaires and billionaires, examining the differences between the two groups. One fascinating difference was that millionaires looked at their goals once a day and billionaires looked at their goals twice a day! They say ‘it costs nothing to look’, which is generally correct but the reverse is definitely true in this case. If you don’t look, it will cost you! Having a date for your dreams is like giving a student a deadline for an assignment. All the action is last minute,and if you didn’t set a deadline you’d never get it done!

Goals with deadlines are like dreams with delivery dates!

The mind is really good at recognizing things. One of the main reasons goal setting is so powerful is because your mind wants your internal picture (your GOAL) to be the same as your external picture (your CURRENT REALITY), kind of like the card-game ‘Snap’. It will then set itself to attract a goal, recognize goal-related opportunities or work on a goal until you achieve a goal, without you consciously having to direct your attention every moment of the day.

An even more powerful way to introduce your dream to your mind is to actually physically visit it! If it’s not possible to visit it in real life (eg: test drive the new car, walk through your dream house etc), then visit it through visualization. Get a picture of yourself standing beside your dream item (it may be a car/home/ job etc). I have put this activity to the test in my own life. When I was looking to build my first home, I visited a number of display homes, took photos of myself in my dream home and then posted those photos in my vision book. Several years later I recovered that particular vision book from a storage box, and was surprised to see that the home that I eventually built was almost an exact mirror of those photos I had posted in my book!

I’ve outlined why you need to set goals, why you need to write them down, why you need to look at them at least twice a day and why having pictures of your goals helps a lot!. Now I would like to emphasize the beauty and benefit of setting BIG goals. There are BIG benefits from having BIG goals! Most obviously, you might just achieve them! And even if you don’t actually reach your goals, at least you won’t waste your talents—instead, through the process of devising and writing goals, you are more likely to move out of your comfort zone and to achieve something greater than what you would had you not even attempted to dream a bigger dream.

This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
You can order the book or Ebook online now at www.Amazon.com


It’s time to release the brakes and use your Genius Mind to Identify your Big Dream… so you can manifest your dreams into your everyday reality.

It might seem like an obvious question, but do you actually know WHAT IS YOUR BIG DREAM?  Have you been brave enough to write it down or talk about it with people?

Today, right now, it is time for you to take this step forward – it’s time for you to write down your dreams and goals.

Where do you want to drive your destiny to?

Grab your pen. Now it’s time for you to stop reading and start doing!

Take at least 5-10 minutes to write down as many goals as you can. The best method is to write down as many goals as you can (pick a number between 20 and 40) and only stop when you have no other goals ‘popping’ into you head.

Necessity is the mother of motivation.

Now read the following questions one at a time and think about your answer to each one. You may find these are new goals to add to your goals above or they may be the same. If you are still looking for the ‘BIG one’ the following questions may help you find your dreams and goals.

  1. Describe your “Average Dream Day”—note I said Average Dream Day—this is not a highly exceptional, extra-ordinary day that comes along once in a lifetime—this is the kind of day you will experience every day, when your life is running perfectly.


2. Describe your “Average Dream Year”


3. If you could do ANYTHING, what would you do?


4. If you had NO FEAR, what would you do?


5.  If you KNEW you would NOT FAIL, what would you do?


6. If you won the Lottery, what would you do?


7. If you had only ONE YEAR TO LIVE, what would you do with this year?


I love the question, “If you won the lottery, what would you do?” If you have ever had that uncomfortable experience that you know that you want to do something, but you have no idea what it should be, then you need to ask yourself this question. Ask yourself “What do I want to do?” every morning and every evening, and keep asking until you get an answer that you are inspired to take action on. For an even better results, try removing all limitations from yourself by asking “IF I COULD DO ANYTHING RIGHT NOW, WHAT WOULD I DO?” . . . And then go do it!

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning, goes to bed at night,
and in between he does what he wants to.”
~ Bob Dylan ~

Well done—you are in the top 1% of people who write down their goals and think about what they really want . . . How cool it that?

Now look at your list of goals and your answers to the questions above, and pick out your dream goal, your BIG GOAL.

If you could have JUST ONE GOAL, what would it be?

This is your BHAG—your Big Hairy Audacious Goal! 

Just thinking about this goal gets your heart racing and makes you excited, so you know it’s something you REALLY want. Go for it! You really need to have a goal that motivates you. Having a big goal that not only excites you but also motivates you is ESSENTIAL to being a winner in life.

An English lady named Elaine once said that she first asked herself the question “What would I do if I won the lottery?” The immediate answer that came to her mind was to “Live in France.” She came up with her answer and then worked out how she could do that BEFORE SHE WON THE LOTTERY and then she went ahead and did it!

Elaine moved to France, and she now lives her dream life without waiting for the lotto win to launch her dream life. Elaine’s philosophy is this: “Decide what you want, and then work out how to do it NOW!” Decide what you can do without the money, but with some hard word or hard decisions. Don’t wait, JUST DO IT! Life is so precious—don’t waste any more of your heartbeats waiting for something to happen . . . DO IT NOW!

Write down your goals and get 7 corresponding pictures. Look at your goals and the related images twice a day—the more often you look at pictures of your goals, the more aware your subconscious will be of your goals, and the more your Reticular Activating System will subconsciously work to notice little opportunities in your everyday life that may help to turn your dreams into your reality.

This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
You can order the book or Ebook online now at www.Amazon.com

Genius Mind Logo


I’m loving my new ‘Genius Mind’ logo… and I just wanted to share it here 🙂

I must say, it’s been a fun process, taking the time to consider what I’m trying to express through my work – and then putting it into visual form.  It certainly has given me a whole new sense of respect for artists of all kinds!   guess, this has been my experience of ‘Active Thinking’ for the week!
Please feel free to post your comments and feedback.

Thanks, Estelle


Today we are going to explore the idea of Using Your Genius Mind to Identify the Steps You Need to Take to Achieve Your Dreams.  This topic follows the discussion of the past week, where we’ve been looking at Maximising Your Mental Potential through the process of Setting Powerful Goals.

If you’ve been taking the Action Steps that have been suggested in the posts, you will have created your Bucket List of 100 Things To Do Before You “Kick The Bucket”.

Once you have identified you Big Goals, you need to chunk it down into smaller, more manageable steps. Take the example of my family trip to Italy. That in itself could be seen as quite a big, scary

But if I chunk it down a little, I could break it down into smaller steps by saying to myself, “Well, to get to Italy, I will need to:”

  1. Decide what dates we would like to fly
  2. Decide on an airline to fly with
  3. Get a quote of cost associated with the trip
  4. Decide on which villas we want to stay at, and what places we want to visit
  5. Organize time off from work
  6. Save up the money
  7. Book the flights
  8. Book the accommodation
  9. Decide on what type of clothes we will need to take
  10. Learn some of the language.

And that’s just a few things that came to mind straight up. Now I need to decide which of these steps I need to do first, and get into action. It is SO important never to leave the site of a decision, without having taken some kind of action. You can dream all day and all night—but if you never take any action, you will never get any action! You can’t do everything at once, but you CAN do something right now. I suggest you focus your biggest effort on your BIG goal. Most winners have a dream and work on it. They have a priority. Focus on one thing at a time, your dream. The focus and direction of your front wheel will relate to the results you experience later in your back wheel. Where you steer is up to you.

So your Action Step for today:  For every Big Goal that you create, expect to come up with 5 to 10 smaller steps that you can take, that will move you closer to your Big Goal.  And then take action, immediately.

This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
You can order the book or Ebook online now at www.Amazon.com



Your mind must KNOW your goals in order to be able to help you, and this is why you need to regularly look at your goals and remind the mind what it’s looking for! If your mind isn’t aware of your goals, you won’t be aware of the opportunities. If the  Reticular Activating System part of your brain (commonly referred to as the RAS) knows what your goals are, and it is regularly reminded of them, it will be continually scanning and searching for relevant information and opportunities, and it is more likely to make you aware of them, as opposed to filtering out all the extraneous details that it would otherwise ignore.

You only consciously notice what your mind considers is important. If you have a list of goals that you review regularly (daily or several times a day), your mind will spot anything relevant to those goals and make you consciously aware of it. If you don’t have goals, your mind will not make you aware when you pass a good opportunity. If your mind knows what your goal is and the RAS points out useful information and opportunities to you but you ignore them (for months or years), it will eventually ‘drop’ that goal from the “Important Information List”.

Even if you didn’t mean to, you demonstrated to your mind through your actions, that the goal and opportunity wasn’t important to you. If you give up on your goals, your mind will give up on your goals, and you will be blind to any future opportunities to achieve your goals.


Your mind is like a video camera on ‘record’ all day. It stores your life experiences every day in your mind, including all sensory information. The previous sensory information that is held in storage and the memories from past experiences, helps your mind identify new ‘incoming’ sensory information it receives during every day. Your mind is always recording, even when you’re sleeping, which is why it is possible to record dreams. The powerful mind recorder stores all our thoughts and actions every day. So if you think about a goal or write it down just once, it is recorded. At this point, you may hit some resistance, and start thinking, “Is it REALLY necessary to write down all your goals to be successful? What’s the POINT?”

Research over the past 20 years has proven time and time again, that physically writing or typing your goals is much more effective than simply thinking about them. Writing helps you to clarify your goals to a greater degree than merely thinking about them—the physical act of writing a goal down effectively deepens your degree of commitment to each goal, when you make the extra effort to commit them to ink.

Secondly, it can assist your focus by establishing your priorities and helping you to concentrate on doing things that are useful in moving your towards the achievement of your goals, in that you will be more aware of when you are wasting your time.

And thirdly, written goals are simply more powerful than just ‘thinking’ goals because the act of writing the goal actually encourages you to clarify the vision of your goal more fully.

This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
You can order the book or Ebook online now at www.Amazon.com


Thinking is something that most people don’t do enough of. The process of ACTIVE POSITIVE THINKING is something that most people have heard of, but never actually do! Thinking is not an activity that requires a lot of physical effort or a lot of time. Thinking is something that most winners do and most losers don’t do. Many people actually try to AVOID thinking! How crazy is that?  From the moment we wake up, we turn up the noise. It seems that these days, we are socialised to feel uncomfortable in silence. After we hit our teens, most of us avoid it completely. And as adults, we actively run from it! We seem to ‘fill’ any silent spaces in our lives with any kind and quality of noise.

Writing goals DOES work and it’s a brilliant way to focus our mind on the things that we really want to achieve. In the course of your lifetime, some goals will come to you, seemingly delivered right onto your plate—but you still have to grab them! But these are more likely to be little goals. Rarely will a HUGE goal, one that exists out beyond your comfort zone, be so conveniently delivered to you—without some significant effort on your part. Your mind will give you opportunities to achieve your little goals AND your big goals. But you have to take the appropriate ACTION. A big goal may require a big risk—are you prepared to take a risk for your goal? A big goal may need a big amount of hard work—are you willing to do it? What price are you willing to pay for your dreams?

“A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic;
it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

~ Colin Powell, Former US Secretary of State ~

In my previous post, we bravely created our BUCKET LIST – a list of 100 Things that You Wish to Experience Before You “Kick The Bucket.”  So many people put off creating such a list because it feels so enormous, like a distant mountain that can never be climbed.  But I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.  The same thing applies here.  Once you get that list down on paper, then pick out 5 items that are the most important, and the most pressing.  These are the ones that you want to experience NOW.  I suggest that you take another piece of paper and write these ones out – so they stand out to your mind.  You are going to be looking at these goals now several times a day – so get used to it!

The next Action Step is to take each of these goals and identify one simple step that you can take TODAY towards each of them.  If, for example you identified that you wanted to visit the Taj Mahal in India, then maybe today you could Google it and find out some facts about the area. (See, it doesn’t have to be a HUGE step that you take today, but you do need to do SOMETHING).

Repeat this process for each of your 5 Items.  And if 5 is too hard, then choose 3 – but make sure you take an action TODAY.

Tomorrow’s post will build on this action skill by incorporating some Active Thinking skills to further enhance your achievement potential.  Go BIG and Have FUN!

 Book cover

This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
You can order the book or Ebook online now at www.Amazon.com



Having written goals is like having a shopping list in hand when you go into a supermarket. Without the list, you don’t get half the things you want or need. Whereas when you go into a supermarket with a list, you tend to remember, see and get what you want. It’s the same with writing goals for your business, sport or life. Your mind works more effectively when you write out a list of goals. It sees the goals on your list and then looks for the goals and opportunities to reach your goals throughout the course of each and every day. Of course not all goals are just found or spotted by your mind, so a list will help you focus on your priorities and actions.

Imagine someone heavily overweight who wanted to be a healthy weight. If they were to picture themselves slim or say “I want to be slim,” their mind will bring up an image of them as slim and it actually keeps working until the goal picture becomes the real picture. Using the mind to conceive a goal helps you achieve a goal. However, this is the part that 95% of weight watchers get wrong. They don’t set the goal correctly. They say, “I want to lose weight.” It’s a bit like saying “I don’t want to miss this shot” instead of saying “I want to score the goal.”

You can’t start winning until you stop thinking about losing!
You’ve got to focus on what you DO want, not on what you don’t want.

Humans have been designed for survival. Since cave man days we have been managing our progress by setting goals. When a caveman was hungry he set out with the goal of finding something to eat. His mind would help him achieve that goal in order to survive. Humans are really designed to set and achieve goals, but few humans fully utilize this precious ability. It is an interesting phenomenon, but it has been shown that when your mind sees a goal on your wall or in your mind, it then goes looking for it in your external world or “reality”.

Your mind keeps working until the fantasy becomes reality.

So your Call To Action Step for today is simply this:  Take some time for yourself today and write out your very own BUCKET LIST – 100 things that you really want to experience before you kick the bucket.  Make sure you include everything that you have always wanted to do – you don’t have to know How or When or even Why you want to achieve this.  For now, just write it down. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some simple steps to break your Bucket List down into a series of actionable steps.  Until then, Dream BIG!

 Book cover

This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
You can order the book or Ebook online now at www.Amazon.com