About Me

Hi there!  My name is Estelle Gibbins, and I am in the Empowerment Business, in that I help people tap into their true potential,
so they can live their best lives from wherever they are right now.

I guess I am also in the Wisdom Broadcasting Business,  because I  love to study and then convert Information into Knowledge and then add my own Personal Perspective, before sharing it with the world in whatever way I can.

My professional background lies in Acute Health care, Psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming.
I also utilise products from LifePath Unlimited – the world’s foremost Personal Development Product and Events company.

Essentially, I assist people by providing extensive personal and professional  support for them as they experience the LPU products and events.  I mentor the members of my Discovery Team in the process of setting up their own business, and I support and encourage them on their individual personal growth pathway.  However, I love nothing more than coaching people within the business or private sector, to achieve improved personal, sporting or professional performance through improving their mental approach to a wide variety of situations.

In the meantime, I am living my dream life, creating an Entrepreneurial Empire along the way…

And I am a blogger (you can visit my other blog site at: www.DareSomethingGreat.wordpress.com )
and am the author of the book “Unlock the Power of Your Mind – Reach Your True Potential”,
to be published in November 2012 by Balboa Press.

You may contact me via email: estellegibbins@outlook.com


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