The Subconscious Mind In Action

Taking another step into our journey into the Function of the Subconscious Mind, let’s now take a look at The Subconscious Mind In Action.  By venturing into this particular rabbit hole, we might be able to gain a greater understanding of exactly HOW the Subconscious Mind works – thus giving us the opportunity to influence its functioning on a more conscious basis.

The key to experiencing success in creating the life
that we desire 
is to convince our Subconscious Mind
to go along 
with the decisions of our Conscious Mind…
effectively ALIGNING our Conscious and
Subconscious Minds.

But HOW do you do that if the very nature of the Subconscious Mind is that we are UNAWARE of its activities?  Let’s take another look at exactly how the Subconscious Mind actually operates.

Situated deep within the subconscious is the creative, imaginative part of our mind. And the power of this imagination process is LIMITLESS!  Anything we can conceive or imagine can come into being. Imagination is the seed of genius, and these seeds of genius are readily available to everyone. All great artists, thinkers, and inventors learn to utilize their imaginative powers within the subconscious. Of course, there is, as always, another side to the coin. When we allow our imagination to be ruled by FEAR, disastrous results can occur—because what we imagine DOES come into being. Our subconscious does not discriminate. But it does its best to create what we picture or imagine. It will work just as hard for us to create the negative imagery we present to it as well as the positive imagery, because the imagination can be used in any fashion we decree. The good news is that our benevolent subconscious is always ready and willing to follow our instructions. And we CAN always change the ways in which we use our imagination. We can CHOOSE to cultivate our imagination to create what is always in our highest good.

The Subconscious and Our Memories:

Our subconscious mind records all of the events that occur within the field of our awareness; all thoughts and feelings about those events; all memories; and it makes a record of all the meanings our conscious mind assigns to those events. The meanings we give to our experiences in life make up our belief systems. So it stands to reason that the subconscious stores our belief systems, organizes them, and brings them to forward into our conscious awareness when they need to access them in any relevant situation or event. Our subconscious mind has a library filled with ALL our thoughts; feelings; memories; and belief systems from our life experiences—all neatly categorized.  And any time, when we choose to become still and self-aware, we can access any part of our library. Our subconscious will retrieve any memory we choose to recall. If we desire to discover or remember an event that is at the core of one of our belief systems, all we need do is become quiet in our mind, ask clearly, and our mental ‘Librarian’ can easily locate anything within the vast library of our mind.

All our thoughts and feelings have an amazing creative ability, so when we make the effort to be still and access our subconscious mind, we can inform our subconscious (through our thoughts, feelings and imagination) what our desires are regarding any particular thing, event or experience. And in turn, our subconscious informs our Soul, or Higher Self, of our desires. This creative process is always occurring regardless of what our dominant state of mind might be at a given point. But the optimal state of mind in which the creative process has the greatest potential for success is the state of mind in which alpha and/or theta states are dominant, for it is in this quiet, prayerful or hypnotic state of mind that the different parts of our mind (Conscious, Subconscious and Higher Self) are present and highly focused.

Our amazing subconscious is also an incredible editor who happens to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Our subconscious mind never sleeps, so whenever we decide to change our mind about who we are, our subconscious mind is at our service. All that is required is desire, commitment, and silence. You could say that we are the authors of countless books about who we are, that these books are stored in the wonderful library of our subconscious. Given that we are the initial authors of these works of art, it is often forgotten that we also have the power to rewrite these books at any time we choose.

The Subconscious and Our Energy:

Human beings are a matrix of energy. We are a field of energy that reflects our state of consciousness in every moment in time. The subconscious directs our energy, generating and emitting energy relentlessly. We can be happy; peaceful; joyous; angry; hateful; loving; creative; lazy; hyper; and on and on. The matrix of energy we choose to be at any point in time also draws to us matching fields of energy. Loving energy attracts loving energy. Fearful energy attracts fearful energy. We draw people and events to us based on the energy we emit; and this energy is based on our state of consciousness. Current popular psychology labels this phenomenon as the Law of Attraction. Since our state of consciousness is a reflection of our belief systems, which, in turn is a reflection of our collected thoughts and feelings; we must change our thoughts and feelings—and thus, our beliefs—if we want to change our energy.

The Subconscious and Our Habits:

Our powerful subconscious automatically performs for us all of the habitual behaviour to run our mind and body. We don’t even have to think about the way we sit or walk or stand. It’s all automatic. We have trained our subconscious well. We have even trained our subconscious to drive our cars for us while we daydream. Have you ever reached the end of a car journey and paused to wonder how you got from point A to point B? Have you ever found yourself suddenly asking, “Who’s been driving the car for the last ten minutes?” because you’ve been off somewhere fantasizing?

The subconscious will learn and carry out any automatic behavior we choose to teach it, although teaching it to drive our car while we daydream may not be the wisest thing to do! Our subconscious also automates our reactions to simple day-to-day events including our interactions with people. How many times have you responded automatically when you were being introduced to a new acquaintance, only to realize that they did not even ask the question that you expected or answered? A little embarrassing, isn’t it? We all have automatic reactions to politicians from different political parties that we are probably totally unaware of. Most of our “reactions” to politicians come from our programming. Our reactions might be simply based on a politician’s membership in a political party we don’t see eye to eye with, or they could be based on the beliefs or policies a specific politician espouses. But our reaction, favorable or unfavourable, is generally automatic. It is the same with our responses to many of the people in our lives. When we see a friend or loved one, the feeling that automatically arises in the cells of our body is usually a good feeling—we may even smile. When we see someone we have difficulty getting along with, the feelings aren’t always so good. But what’s important to understand is that these feelings arise AUTOMATICALLY. We don’t really think about having the feelings, they arise instantaneously. They are experienced automatically because the vast majority of us are living our daily lives on auto-pilot, and our subconscious is simply carrying out our pre-programmed reactions to the events life presents to us.

The Subconscious and Our Higher Self:

The Subconscious functions as both the gateway to the Higher Self and as the messenger that conveys all our thoughts to the Higher Self. The Subconscious and the Higher Self are perfectly and seamlessly interwoven as a part of each other. When we become relaxed, a clear channel of communication opens between the Conscious, Subconscious, and the Higher Self. While each of these minds are present at all times, when we are in a deep state of relaxation, communication between these minds is at its clearest and most powerful level. It’s also important to understand that this channel of communication works both ways. Not only do we communicate from the Conscious to the Subconscious and the Higher Self in order to create, but the reverse is true also. An example of communication coming from the Higher Self through the Subconscious and into the Conscious mind is Intuition.  We all have intuitions and “gut feelings” that seem to magically pop into our minds. Intuitive and imaginative thoughts originate at the Higher Self level and move into our awareness at the conscious level of mind. It is through accessing our Subconscious Mind that we are able to maximize our human potential and live our best lives.

In each of the following posts, I will discuss a different mode of accessing this illusive control station, and present simple techniques that you can use immediately to gain access to your Subconscious and modify your beliefs and habits. One critical aspect to any activity in the field of Personal Development, if you want to change something in your life, the you must TAKE ACTION. So I would encourage you to take at least ONE ACTION each day for the next 30 days from the following posts, and you will see some great results! Enjoy the adventure – and please feel free to share your victories with us here!

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What’s the Difference Between the Conscious and Subconscious Minds?

The focus of this blog post is to maximize human potential by teaching simple skills to better utilize the amazing powerhouse that is the human mind. First though, we need to understand exactly what is the conscious and subconscious mind. And this is not a simple question to answer!

The conscious and the subconscious minds are merely two separate spheres of activity within your brain. Your conscious mind is the
rational or logical mind, whereas your subconscious mind is the ‘automatic’ part of the brain than operates below the level of your conscious awareness. Without any conscious effort on your part, your heart keeps pumping blood, your blood vessels expand and contract as your blood pressure changes according to the activities the body is engaged in and the emotions you experience. These are just two examples of the multitude of functions that may seem as if they ‘just happen’, but are actually the result of your subconscious mental processes, hard at work. Most people are not aware that they even have a subconscious mind, although they access it multiple times each day just to survive.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful and makes up a great percentage of your mental processes, even though you are unaware of it. Your subconscious mind is easily impressed upon by the thoughts and mental focus of the conscious mind. Your subconscious does not reason—it simply reacts to and follows the instructions and guidance of the conscious mind. Your subconscious can be described as a bed of soil that accepts any kind of seed, whether good or bad. Your mental thoughts are active; they are seeds in the garden of your subconscious mind. Negative, destructive thoughts that may be the result of long term anxiety or depression, continue to work negatively in your subconscious. Sooner or later, these thoughts surface to take shape as an outer experience that corresponds with or mirrors their content. Therefore the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for”, actually has some firm foundation in modern psychology.

Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow to take another step into this complex topic…

This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
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Get To Know Your Own Mind



Most people know that the “mind” operates basically on two levels – the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious mind.  The purpose of this post is to explore the difference between the two types of mind, so that we can understand what we do to improve the way we use our mind to learn and function in daily life.

The subconscious mind is an amazing part of our human existence which essentially controls our whole existence by shaping our behavior, identity, and beliefs. It allows us to form relationships with other people to fulfill our dreams and goals, allowing us to create whatever we desire.

Although the exact scope and abilities of the subconscious mind have not yet been discovered, I believe that by harnessing this unique thinking system, we can create an amazing life and achieve true happiness. Everything begins with a single thought, which is the primary signal that enters our subconscious minds. Our thoughts are what guide and command the subconscious mind. This means that essentially, a person’s entire world is shaped by his or her thoughts and that every single thought has a consequence.

“Every thought of yours is a real thing—a force”
~ Prentice Mulford ~

 A beautiful and positive thought has the potential to create a whole new story in one’s life. At a basic, fundamental level, whatever we think, we create.

Whatever reality people create begins as a simple thought in their head. A person’s life is the result of his or her every single thought. What separates individuals from one another are the kinds of thoughts they have. So it can be said that the major difference between a successful person and one who has failed could be identified as the difference in their beliefs and the thought system by which they operate. Poverty and failure are the result of poor thoughts, while wealth and success are the result of rich thoughts. You ARE what you believe.

It doesn’t matter whether you think that you will succeed or think that you will fail; in both cases you’ve thought accurately. If you think you will succeed, your positive thoughts will move and guide you toward success. If, from the very beginning, you think that you will fail, your negative thoughts will generate negative feelings in your body, and as a result, you will either give up or your behavior and actions will CAUSE you to fail. Your thoughts are POWERFUL and can bring about health, just as easily as they can cause illness. People who have beautiful and hopeful thoughts stay healthy. People who have negative and cynical thoughts not only face failure in life, but they also attract health problems.


This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
available soon at good bookstores and online through Balboa Press