Your mind must KNOW your goals in order to be able to help you, and this is why you need to regularly look at your goals and remind the mind what it’s looking for! If your mind isn’t aware of your goals, you won’t be aware of the opportunities. If the  Reticular Activating System part of your brain (commonly referred to as the RAS) knows what your goals are, and it is regularly reminded of them, it will be continually scanning and searching for relevant information and opportunities, and it is more likely to make you aware of them, as opposed to filtering out all the extraneous details that it would otherwise ignore.

You only consciously notice what your mind considers is important. If you have a list of goals that you review regularly (daily or several times a day), your mind will spot anything relevant to those goals and make you consciously aware of it. If you don’t have goals, your mind will not make you aware when you pass a good opportunity. If your mind knows what your goal is and the RAS points out useful information and opportunities to you but you ignore them (for months or years), it will eventually ‘drop’ that goal from the “Important Information List”.

Even if you didn’t mean to, you demonstrated to your mind through your actions, that the goal and opportunity wasn’t important to you. If you give up on your goals, your mind will give up on your goals, and you will be blind to any future opportunities to achieve your goals.


Your mind is like a video camera on ‘record’ all day. It stores your life experiences every day in your mind, including all sensory information. The previous sensory information that is held in storage and the memories from past experiences, helps your mind identify new ‘incoming’ sensory information it receives during every day. Your mind is always recording, even when you’re sleeping, which is why it is possible to record dreams. The powerful mind recorder stores all our thoughts and actions every day. So if you think about a goal or write it down just once, it is recorded. At this point, you may hit some resistance, and start thinking, “Is it REALLY necessary to write down all your goals to be successful? What’s the POINT?”

Research over the past 20 years has proven time and time again, that physically writing or typing your goals is much more effective than simply thinking about them. Writing helps you to clarify your goals to a greater degree than merely thinking about them—the physical act of writing a goal down effectively deepens your degree of commitment to each goal, when you make the extra effort to commit them to ink.

Secondly, it can assist your focus by establishing your priorities and helping you to concentrate on doing things that are useful in moving your towards the achievement of your goals, in that you will be more aware of when you are wasting your time.

And thirdly, written goals are simply more powerful than just ‘thinking’ goals because the act of writing the goal actually encourages you to clarify the vision of your goal more fully.

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Having written goals is like having a shopping list in hand when you go into a supermarket. Without the list, you don’t get half the things you want or need. Whereas when you go into a supermarket with a list, you tend to remember, see and get what you want. It’s the same with writing goals for your business, sport or life. Your mind works more effectively when you write out a list of goals. It sees the goals on your list and then looks for the goals and opportunities to reach your goals throughout the course of each and every day. Of course not all goals are just found or spotted by your mind, so a list will help you focus on your priorities and actions.

Imagine someone heavily overweight who wanted to be a healthy weight. If they were to picture themselves slim or say “I want to be slim,” their mind will bring up an image of them as slim and it actually keeps working until the goal picture becomes the real picture. Using the mind to conceive a goal helps you achieve a goal. However, this is the part that 95% of weight watchers get wrong. They don’t set the goal correctly. They say, “I want to lose weight.” It’s a bit like saying “I don’t want to miss this shot” instead of saying “I want to score the goal.”

You can’t start winning until you stop thinking about losing!
You’ve got to focus on what you DO want, not on what you don’t want.

Humans have been designed for survival. Since cave man days we have been managing our progress by setting goals. When a caveman was hungry he set out with the goal of finding something to eat. His mind would help him achieve that goal in order to survive. Humans are really designed to set and achieve goals, but few humans fully utilize this precious ability. It is an interesting phenomenon, but it has been shown that when your mind sees a goal on your wall or in your mind, it then goes looking for it in your external world or “reality”.

Your mind keeps working until the fantasy becomes reality.

So your Call To Action Step for today is simply this:  Take some time for yourself today and write out your very own BUCKET LIST – 100 things that you really want to experience before you kick the bucket.  Make sure you include everything that you have always wanted to do – you don’t have to know How or When or even Why you want to achieve this.  For now, just write it down. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some simple steps to break your Bucket List down into a series of actionable steps.  Until then, Dream BIG!

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This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
You can order the book or Ebook online now at www.Amazon.com