One of the best sources of Fuel for Your Genius Mind is by Recognising Your Past Achievements.  How often do we pause to think about all the things that we have done WELL – oh it’s almost second nature to stop and relive negative experiences of events that might not have gone according to plan – but rarely do we stop and focus purely on the wins that we have had.  And this single activity happens to be a source of wonderfully potent fuel for building a brighter future for ourselves.  

Once you set goals for the future it’s easy to focus on them and forget what you have already achieved. You have achieved great things already! Some things you worked for and some just seemed to flow easily to you. Some things you have only thought about once, while other you may have thought about a lot. It’s important to recognize your past successes, because that will help you create more believable goals to focus on today. Thinking about your past achievements puts you in the physical state of knowing that you CAN achieve your goals. Pause now, and identify the seven biggest goals you have ever achieved.

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Was it hard to remember these huge achievements? Do you make a note of your achievements every year, month or every week? Unless we write down our achievements, it’s easy to miss our progress. It’s situations like these, that maintaining a personal journal becomes very valuable in tracking your progress, as it allows you to record how far you have come, providing you look back occasionally (notice I said OCCASIONALLY, and not CONTINUALLY)! There is a huge difference between looking back to learn from your past, and continually focusing on and re-living your past experiences. When was the last time you celebrated your achievements? Don’t miss your greatness, CELEBRATE YOUR GREATNESS! But be honest—if you perform well below your ability, recognize that it’s not really time to celebrate, and that it’s time to set yourself a bigger, stronger goal and give yourself a good talking to! Then get on with it and choose a positive attitude to face the future.

Researchers in the USA looked at millionaires and billionaires, examining the differences between the two groups. One fascinating difference was that millionaires looked at their goals once a day and billionaires looked at their goals twice a day! They say ‘it costs nothing to look’, which is generally correct but the reverse is definitely true in this case. If you don’t look, it will cost you! Having a date for your dreams is like giving a student a deadline for an assignment. All the action is last minute,and if you didn’t set a deadline you’d never get it done!

Goals with deadlines are like dreams with delivery dates!

The mind is really good at recognizing things. One of the main reasons goal setting is so powerful is because your mind wants your internal picture (your GOAL) to be the same as your external picture (your CURRENT REALITY), kind of like the card-game ‘Snap’. It will then set itself to attract a goal, recognize goal-related opportunities or work on a goal until you achieve a goal, without you consciously having to direct your attention every moment of the day.

An even more powerful way to introduce your dream to your mind is to actually physically visit it! If it’s not possible to visit it in real life (eg: test drive the new car, walk through your dream house etc), then visit it through visualization. Get a picture of yourself standing beside your dream item (it may be a car/home/ job etc). I have put this activity to the test in my own life. When I was looking to build my first home, I visited a number of display homes, took photos of myself in my dream home and then posted those photos in my vision book. Several years later I recovered that particular vision book from a storage box, and was surprised to see that the home that I eventually built was almost an exact mirror of those photos I had posted in my book!

I’ve outlined why you need to set goals, why you need to write them down, why you need to look at them at least twice a day and why having pictures of your goals helps a lot!. Now I would like to emphasize the beauty and benefit of setting BIG goals. There are BIG benefits from having BIG goals! Most obviously, you might just achieve them! And even if you don’t actually reach your goals, at least you won’t waste your talents—instead, through the process of devising and writing goals, you are more likely to move out of your comfort zone and to achieve something greater than what you would had you not even attempted to dream a bigger dream.

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Get To Know Your Own Mind



Most people know that the “mind” operates basically on two levels – the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious mind.  The purpose of this post is to explore the difference between the two types of mind, so that we can understand what we do to improve the way we use our mind to learn and function in daily life.

The subconscious mind is an amazing part of our human existence which essentially controls our whole existence by shaping our behavior, identity, and beliefs. It allows us to form relationships with other people to fulfill our dreams and goals, allowing us to create whatever we desire.

Although the exact scope and abilities of the subconscious mind have not yet been discovered, I believe that by harnessing this unique thinking system, we can create an amazing life and achieve true happiness. Everything begins with a single thought, which is the primary signal that enters our subconscious minds. Our thoughts are what guide and command the subconscious mind. This means that essentially, a person’s entire world is shaped by his or her thoughts and that every single thought has a consequence.

“Every thought of yours is a real thing—a force”
~ Prentice Mulford ~

 A beautiful and positive thought has the potential to create a whole new story in one’s life. At a basic, fundamental level, whatever we think, we create.

Whatever reality people create begins as a simple thought in their head. A person’s life is the result of his or her every single thought. What separates individuals from one another are the kinds of thoughts they have. So it can be said that the major difference between a successful person and one who has failed could be identified as the difference in their beliefs and the thought system by which they operate. Poverty and failure are the result of poor thoughts, while wealth and success are the result of rich thoughts. You ARE what you believe.

It doesn’t matter whether you think that you will succeed or think that you will fail; in both cases you’ve thought accurately. If you think you will succeed, your positive thoughts will move and guide you toward success. If, from the very beginning, you think that you will fail, your negative thoughts will generate negative feelings in your body, and as a result, you will either give up or your behavior and actions will CAUSE you to fail. Your thoughts are POWERFUL and can bring about health, just as easily as they can cause illness. People who have beautiful and hopeful thoughts stay healthy. People who have negative and cynical thoughts not only face failure in life, but they also attract health problems.


This is an excerpt from Estelle’s new book,
“Unleash The Power Of Your Mind ~ Reach Your True Potential”
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